Tired of launching to crickets?

You don’t need to validate your idea, you need to validate you can capture your audience.

Build viral launch lists through incentivized sharing.

I spent a decade building products that I launched to nobody.

Time and again, nobody cared.

I might get a customer or two, but I was looking to create a sustainable business.

Then I finally cracked the code and bootstrapped a SaaS to $61k MRR in 2.5 years.

I'm now on a mission to help others learn from my mistakes.

There's a common misconception that we need to validate our idea.

In fact, most of us bootstrappers and indie hackers are going into markets with existing competition.

Contrary to some beliefs, competition is good. It shows a healthy market with potential for a viable business.

Once we understand that having competition is a good thing and that we're entering a market with competition, our idea is already validated. We're seeing other businesses making it work.

So, it's not our idea that we need to validate. It's knowing where to find and capture the attention of our intended audience.

This is where User Spark comes in.

We help creators like you build waiting lists to validate that you can get in front of and capture the attention of your intended audience.

There's no better way to spread the word than with the help of other people and incentivized campaigns.

User Spark strives to encourage creators to validate not their idea, but their ability to capture their audience.

If they can successfully do so, they can finally break out of the habit of launching to crickets from wasted development time and get on to building a viable business.

Now it's your turn.